We might be a little subjective but we believe that the beaches near Punat are the most beautiful and attractive beaches on the Adriatic coast.
We know that this is very important to you!!!
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Every morning, you can decide to go to a different beach: to a quiet one where you can sunbathe in peace, or to one of the popular ones where you will enjoy the company of others, activities and a variety of things on offer.

In Punat, you can enjoy a number of pebble beaches.

They are a 10-minute walk away from our camp (or a 3-minute car drive).

Swim, sunbathe, enjoy a variety of sports facilities: beach volleyball, bananaboats, water slide, parasailing, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, etc.

Enjoy the bars with attractive music and the possibility of renting chairs and umbrellas.

However, we always recommend our guests go to one of our paradise beaches just 4 kilometres away,  remote from the populated area.

With their unique beauty, they leave an unforgettable impression of the Croatian coast which you will always talk about and never forget.

Unlike overcrowded beaches at peak season, these beaches will offer you relaxation and peace, and our crystal blue sea will pull you into the atmosphere of the most beautiful coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

If you seek total privacy, little taxi boats will bring you from the town centre to little white bays which will belong only to you.


You will get instructions on how to reach our beautiful beaches at our reception!
You just can’t wait?